First BBQ of the Season

This April, we had unseasonably hot weather.  We decided to kick-off Summer early with an impromptu BBQ!  Love when you can call a few families and they happen to be free on a Saturday night.  Everyone brought a dish to share and we had a fun evening.
Matt and Marky eating their dinner. 

Matt had finished his dinner, but Marky was still eating so Sami came to sit with him.

Then Marky was still eating, and Stevie joined them.

Good Friends ready for a good time.

A little Badminton with your Vice-Principal.

Sam and Matt playing a variation of lacrosse/badminton.

Good Food and Friends. 

Chelsea after eating a lot of Doritos.

Apparently, the opposing team disagreed with a call. 

Sweet boys having a lot of fun on the trampoline.

Stevie LOVES having people over.  Especially when all of his friends are there.

Then we pulled the Washer Toss game out and things get a little competitive.

Everyone is pretty serious about the game.  Roxanne is fooling everyone because she is extremely competitive.

This is what happens when someone overthrows the washer at 9:30 at night. 

All the kids are called in to help find the lost washer. 

Best Looking Couple in Town. 

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