An Evening in Santa Cruz with Max

Stevie had a lacrosse game in Santa Cruz.  We went to the game and then enjoyed a fun evening in Santa Cruz.  I got a lot of pictures of Santa Cruz but did not get any of Stevie playing lacrosse this season.  I think I was just trying to figure out the game of lacrosse that I never thought to take pictures.  Sorry Stevie!

We went to a Hamburger Shack for a Max's Birthday Dinner.  He "ordered up" by ordering a delicious looking pastrami sandwich.  We were all wishing we had ordered that. 

It was Max's birthday.  We had so much fun with him that day.

The bridge was a little shaky.  Funny, I remember going on this bridge countless times in high school.  Didn't seem so rickety back then. 

The kids loved having their cousin with him.  I wish we could have him up every weekend. 

The views were amazing. 

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