Easter 2012

 For the first time ever, Matt was not with us on Easter.  We were so sad, but knew that he was having a fabulous time in New York

Getting ready for the big morning.  Chelsea, Stevie and Stevie colored eggs. 

They love this tradition of coloring eggs.

It is our tradition to attend the Sunrise Service at church.  Mainly, because Matt has always sang in the choir that sings at 6:30 a.m.  The Service is held outside in the garden.  Stevie and Chelsea trying to get cozy.  It is hard to get to the Service, but the kids end up really enjoying going to Church in their pajamas.   

This year, Stevie made his debut singing in the choir. 

Look at the unfocuses picture of Stevie in the background.  Like I said, it is early.  The choir needs to be there at 5:00 a.m.

The front of the Church was beautiful. 

Not sure what is going on with me.  I look at little too perky for that time of day. 

We then came home from church and looked for Easter Baskets.  Marky found his immediately. 

Everyone gathered around Marky watching him go through his Easter Basket. 

Chelsea had a difficult time finding her basket. 
The Easter Bunny was pretty sneaky this year.  Chelsea's was in the outside dryer.

Stevie had to search quite a while for his. 

The Easter Egg Hunt began. 

There were tons of eggs.  Matt always enjoys the hunt.  We sure missed him.  See here for last year's celebration. 

Easter dinner- hanging with Aunt Kaye. 
 My mom and Chelsea share a passion for whip cream. 

All the cousins.

With Grandma. 

Apparently, they need to watch golf standing up. 

 Trying to get the last of the whip cream.

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