Beach- Spring Break

 I wanted to to go the nursery in Half Moon Bay, so I told the kids that I would take them to the beach but we are not going in the water. 
IT was just going to be a "play at the beach on the sand" kind of day. 

We did not have clothes to change into or towels.

Meanwhile, the boys find their own fun. . .

Meanwhile. . .

Yes, the girls are still having fun "not going in the water."

The boys so happily pose for a picture before they begin their play. 

Perfect beach past time throwing the frisbee.

Until. . . . the frisbee is thrown into the water. 

Here, they are attempting "not to get wet."

Looking for the frisbee causes them to get wet. 

When it is determined that the frisbee is lost at sea, they decide the only thing to do is to get wet.

Meanwhile, the only child who did not get wet.  He had a great time playing in the sand with goggles. 

Had a car full of wet kids- never made it to the nursery. 

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