Happy Birthday Marky!

Marky could hardly wait for this day to come.  He has been "4 1/2" for so long.  He feels that he can do so many big things now that he is 5.

Marky is such a joy to have in our family.  It is so fitting that that his birthday is on Valentine's Day.  We are so grateful that this precious boy is our son.  We love him so!

Here is a video that Stevie made for Marky on his birthday.


 5 Big Reasons We LOVE Marky!

1.  He is sooo loving.  He is always giving hugs.  These pictures were taken while he was sleeping.  They are so sweet.

2.  He is always making his parents love notes.  In all his notes, he draws Mommy, Daddy and Marky in the middle.

3.  He loves to read and be read to.

4.   Hamburgers and spaghetti are his favorite food.

5.  He is a hard worker.  He always likes to fix things with Daddy and clean the floors.
  He mainly likes likes to spray the cleaner.

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