Happy Birthday Marky Pt 2

Marky's birthday celebration takes a couple of posts.  Marky invited a few friends over for a pirate party.  WE decorated the house and garage (In case of rain) the night before.  The theme of choice was Pirates.  I think Matt and Stevie also had a pirate themed 5th birthday. 

Decorating for birthdays becomes a family affair.  Everyone helps decorate for the birthday person.   Stevie wrote on the island, "We Love Marky." 

Getting ready for Birthday breakfast of sausages, eggs, and "favorite toast."

Will, Andrew, Jack, and Marky stopping for a moment for a picture.

 Sam and Sami just thought they were stopping by to get a snack, they didn't realize that they were now "Birthday Activity Coordinators."

Chelsea was in charge of the pirate tattoo station.

The older boys running the parachute games.

The kids LOVED playing with the balls and parachute.

LOVE Marky's expression!

Pirate cupcakes, popcorn, and jello squares.  Perfectly balanced snack.

Cute kids waiting to go on their treasure hunt. 
Love the expression of Marky and Kasey.  They are doing pirate impressions, "Yo Ho Matey."
Khloe and Kendyll such cute friends.

The night ended with Marky eating his dinner of choice: spaghetti!

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