Stevie's Birthday Party

This year Stevie wanted a more quiet celebration. He invited his cousin and best friend to spend the day and night with him.    We were lucky that Stevie's birthday fell on a Friday this year.
Stevie is so lucky to have a best friend like Sami and a best cousin like Wyatt.  Stevie has always chosen great friends.  All of his friends help Stevie to be a better person.  Love Sami and Wyatt like my own boys.  

Earlier pictures in the year of Stevie with Wyatt and Sami.  

Stevie's favorite appetzier: Bacon Melts
Pre-party snack before Sky High
Grandma and Grandpa stopped by to give Stevie Birthday Wedgie.

Stevie's dinner choice:  Una Mas

Chelsea is excited for Stevie to read her card.  She wrote the sweetest poem for STevie.

Simple things in life:  Croutons and Pringles

Getting a blanket.  Marky reaching across the table to feel the softness.

Aaaaah, so happy with the blanket.

Late night video games in the garage.  Matt surprised Stevie by fixing the X-box.  It had been broken for over a month. 

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