Happy Birthday Steven!

Stevie informed me that on January 20th, he would be a "pre-teen" not a "tween" anymore.  Hard to believe that our serious boy is 12 years old. 

12 Reasons We Love Stevie
1.  He loves his brother.  He is so sweet to Marky.  He is always playing with him and helping him.

2.  He loves singing in his youth choir.

3.  He has such a great smile.

4.  He loves spending time with his family.

 5.  He is courageous to try new things. 
New Sports.

New hairstyles.
6.  He chooses good friends.

7.  Steven LOVES his grandparents.
8.  His Mom and Dad feel prilviledged that this sweet, talented boy is our son.
9.  Whether it is watching sports on TV or playing video games, he does everything with passion.

10. He is very creative and good at building things.

11.  He is good at sports and a good teammate.

12. He does lots of activities with the Boy Scouts.

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