Friends of Summer

Just some of our wonderful friends and family we got to see this summer.  How wonderful life is to have so many amazing, loving people in our lives. 

 I realized this summer that there were so many days and events that I did not have my camera to capture the fun memories and special people.  The blog is helping me to be better at "capturing memories," but alas many are lost.  Here are some we happened to capture!!!

Chelsea+ Kimberly+ Alyssa= BFFs
Cheslea, Rochelle, Emily

Lots of time with the Cousins!!
Matt and Peter Blink

Matt and Nate
Craig and Mike Gonzalez
Chelsea and Madison- Last day of school!
Stevie and Sami
Boys of Summer: Jake , Ricardo, Winston, Sam, and Sami
Stevie, Max, Wyatt
Alice and Joilene at the Hyatt

Luncheon for Junette: Angela, Billy, Lilia, Junne, and Cyndi
We realized that day, we should be "lunching" every week.

Jerry's 45th Birthday - the best Prime Rib ever (dinner)
Talent Show: Simran, Chelsea, Mo, Mallory, Sandy
Jenna, Ryan, Lindsay Livengood and kids
Joilene and Mona

Mona Mistry, Joilene, Linda Garrett

Kaley, Chelsea, and Simran
Khloe and Kiley painting with Marky

Nate, Matt and Stevie in Tahoe

Chelsea and Megan

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