It makes me wonder and be in awe of how much our personality we are born with.   At the time when our children our babies, we may not recognize that their behavior is part of their personality, but sure enough as they get older we see the same traits. 

Stevie LOVED tools when he was young.    He would carry his tool box everywhere and help Steve with jobs around the house.  Stevie is fixing his own high chair.

 When Stevie would wake up from his naps, he would climb out of his crib and get all of his tools and put them back in his crib.  Then he would play with his tools in his crib.  He still loves building and creating.  It is fun to see him do it with Marky.
As a baby (and still today), Stevie used to look at people with the expression, "Why in the H+++ are you talking to me?"    He still has this same serious expression at times.

 I used to take Stevie's clothes off before he eats because he was such a mess.  If it was socially acceptable now to do that, it would save me a lot of  time with less laundry. 

Stevie came home on the first day of 1st grade upset because Andy Cai who sat next him knew all of the multiplication facts.  Stevie promptly taught himself  multiplication that week.  When these two boys were in 5th grade, they got in an argument over a math problem and got sent to the the principal's office.  We thought this was so funny. 

How did this beautiful, sweet, chubby face

turn into this Lacrosse, Cross Country,basketball playing, Boy Scout, Harry Potter loving, hanging out with friends tween?
 Such a tender-hearted boy growing into a handsome, talented, interesting young tween. 
Steve and I love him so much!!!!

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