Wedded Bliss

On Saturday we had the pleasure of going to Susanna Dergee and Mark Holman's wedding.  It was the first wedding for the kids.  They were so excited that even Stevie did not complain when I asked him to get in the shower and wear his nice clothes.  In fact, Stevie even offered to wear a suit jacket to the wedding.  Susann and Mark have been so wonderful with our family.  They even offer to take our kids bowling just because.  All four children adore Susanna!!

Susanna was pure loveliness.  She just glowed and radiated joy.  What a sweet time in a person's life to be walking down the aisle with all the excitement and joy of beginning a family.  Steve and I reminisced about our wedding day and all the excitement we felt.   Here we are 13 years later and I still feel that same joy and love for him.  We were so grateful to be able to be a part of Susanna's wedding and have the opportunity to share in the love of this amazing couple!

The kids were wanting to know all the rituals of the wedding.  They sat and took it all in.  At the reception, Stevie and Chelsea had had enough of each other as you can see in the picture.  Though Stevie perked up when Chelsea could not finish all of her Prime Rib and he got to finish her plate.

I even saw a dear friend that I went to high school with, Denise Dergee.  That was such a wonderful treat to spend time with her and catch up.  She is still so beautiful and fun as she was in high school.  xoxox

Denise's sister, Sandy was also there along with her 2 daughters.  Matt seemed very interested in Sandy's daughter, Lindsey.  Our joke to him was that if they started dating that Lindsey's parents went to school with Matt's Uncle Craig and Matt's mom went to school with Lindsey's Aunt Denise.  Small World indeed.  We tried to get a picture of Lindsey and Matt dancing, but it was too dark.  Darn it!!  Love was in the air all around.

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