Back in Time- First Day of School 8/10

First Day of School  2010-2011
(Need to quickly post before the new school year starts).

Steven- 5th Mrs. Grimm
Chelsea- 3rd Mrs. Melvin 
 Chelsea happened to be in the same class as her best friend, Madison.  The teacher not knowing they were best friends, placed them together.  Well, that only lasted a few days and by Friday of the first week, they were separated again. The entire year they went through TONS of Postits passing notes to each other.  The girls thought that Mrs. Melvin did not know, but she did.  During the last two weeks of school they got to choose their table partners and of course the girls were together again.  I took a picture of them the first day, but can not find it.  Would love to compare the pictures.  I will keep looking.  This is a picture of Chelsea and Madison on the last day of school.  Such cute sweet girls!!!! 

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