Graduation Purdue

 Stevie graduated from Purdue in Computer Science.  These four years seemed to go by so fast. Stevie persevered through his major and we admire his work ethic.  

He took all the good in college and met life long friends and enjoyed his time.  College is such an amazing time of your life and we are so grateful that he embraced the experience.  

Myth has is that if you walk through the arches before your senior year that you won't graduate in four years. So after graduation, the seniors walk under the arches.  

We wish you all the best and all the joy in the world as you now adult.  We love you so much.

Bell Tower pictures

Walking into his very bright future.  

A few scenes from four years ago

Here is Stevie walking to his future (freshman orientation).  Little did I know that four years later he would be walking into his future.

Graduation Brunch with Maddie's family

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