Moms Weekend at Purdue


Went to my last (and second) Mom's Weekend at Purdue.

Indiana was freezing this weekend and all my winter clothes and shoes were packed.  Was not prepared to wake up with snow on my car.  

All the moms and sons met at the bowling alley.  We completely took over the bowling alley.  Stevie and I were paired with his bowling teammates, Austin, Mr. JV and their moms.

We then went to fraternity house and painted together.

Fun to walk around the fraternity house and see the pictures of Stevie throughout the years

We then went to dinner and Maddy and friends saved us a table.

Next day was a darty in the freezing cold (like 40 degrees).  

It was so fun seeing all of Stevie's friends again. 
We sure love you Stevie and grateful for the fun time you had at Purdue.

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