Happy Birthday Chelsea

Happy 20th Birthday! 

Oh, how we love our girl! Twenty things we love about her.

She is a hard worker
She has endured significant trials

We love her ability to see those in need
She is close with her siblings

She has a beautiful smile and she uses it often
She is brave and embraced going to college in a new state
She was chosen to go to Geneva for a two week internship to study Global economies

She is always trying to improve herself
She makes goals and achieves them
She is a"journaler" and recognizes all the blessings in her life

She adores all her cousins and has enjoyed so much time with them as of late.

I loved there was a time in her life when we watched "The Wizard of Oz" every day.

She likes to play games
She loves all things Christmas

She works out and continually strengthens her body

She calls and talks to her Grandma a lot

She embraces new things and teaches me a lot
Her beautiful and big blue eyes melts us 

She adores Rudy

We are so grateful that she is our daughter.  Wishing you the best year yet!

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