December festivities begin. . .

December began with a few lovely, festive parties.
Mark had a reunion with his cub scout den.   They put on a wonderful party for the boys.  

Every morning, I start my day here.  In front of the fire enjoying a cup of coffee.  Rudy likes our morning routine.  He loves to sit in front of the fire.  

Loved to get this picture of Stevie putting up Christmas lights at the fraternity house.  He (along with the other freshman pledge class) were in charge of putting up the Christmas lights.  
Good thing he has had many years of experience of putting up Christmas lights.  

This amazing rainbow over Huff one morning.  Quite beautiful.  

Chelsea, Marky, and Rudy decorating the tree.  

Cheryl took this picture of my love.  

The boys had a get together when Cody came into town.  

Beth came into town and we all celebrated.  

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