Family Weekend at Purdue

Family Weekend at Purdue

We had an exciting reunion seeing Stevie at Purdue.  

This is my favorite picture of the weekend with Stevie.  He was so
confident, happy, and comfortable showing us around campus.  

Hanging with Neil Armstrong. 

Inspiring for us all to take 150 giants leaps throughout the year.  

Mark walking in Neil Armstrong's shoes.  

The fall foliage was stunning.

 Stevie was pledging this fraternity, Delta Tau Delta.  He was about to enter into Hell Week (the last week of pledging).  He was getting nervous about what his week was going to be like. 
He hasn't told me much about the week, probably for the best.  

This is the largest drum in the world.  

Lunch at the cafeteria, is always a must do while on the college campus.  Have to say I don't miss the cafeteria days.  All I ate was Lucky Charms and salad.  Stevie seems to be enjoying the assortment of food available to him at every meal.  

Stevie with his good friend, Teddy.  

 Pregame festivities with the fighter jets flying over
is always a wonderful, patriotic, feel good experience.  

 We had such a fun time at the football game.  We learned IU SUCKS and other Purdue cheers.  

 Middle school Mark .

Chelsea was loving spending time with Stevie and the college life.  

 The fans stormed the field.  Was so fun to be at this game.  

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