October 2018- From my phone

Thank goodness for the Dissanayakes for inviting Mark over to carve his pumpkin.  We were traveling so much that this was not happening on our own.  

We traveled to San Francisco with Kaye to find her a dog.  We LOVE Muttville.  They find seniors to adopt senior dogs.  Such a beautiful organization.

Jakem my adopted son, over for dinner.  

Baby Quinn comes and visits.  

Getting some little love from Chelsea.

A fall party at the pool.  Rudy LOVES the water.  

This is always an exciting time when "Christmas milk" magically appears at the grocery store.  

My true love.  

Jake and I cooking up a storm.  

When you are the only girl. . . 

Reunion with Justin.  

Stevie coming home for Fall Break.  He missed Rudy.  

Matt and Kimberly had an awesome trip to Spain in October.  Need to do a separate post on their trip.  

Rudy and I attending a scout meeting.  

Apparently, our skeleton drinks green drink.

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