Eating out in Lisbon- Anthony Bourdain style

We spent an afternoon at the Time Out Market in Lisbon.  This is a huge building that 30 plus different restaurants.  All claim to be the best in business, some are even run by famous chefs.    It was pretty amazing to walk around and see all the different cuisines.

picture credit-  Time Out Market 

It makes it nice to try different food, especially when you 
and your travel partner want different types of food.  

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner recommended by a local.  

Beautiful random tile wall as we are walking the cobblestone streets in Lisbon.  

Now, on to Anthony Bourdain's Cervejaria Ramiro.  

This restaurant lives up to its hype and 1 1/2 hour wait time.  

Waiting for our table was actually enjoyable as we sipped local wine,
 and talked with the many people waiting for their table.  

The table next to us choosing their dinner.  

After dinner, they bring sliders for dessert.

I know these custard cups are a big deal in Portugal.  Too be honest, I feel that they were very much overrated.  I tried them, but was not the biggest fan.  

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