Cartagena, Colombia

Our hotel was right on the beach.  However, as we learned from the Real Housewives,
 it is not a hang out at the beach type of location.

It was extremely warm with beautiful sunsets.

Steve was especially excited over the whole wheat croissant.

I thought these doors of the hotel were especially beautiful.

The art reflected the caribbean and indigenous people.

We met a group of guys over someone's lost ATM card.  They told us about some secret located respites and bars.

We climbed up to the top of this hotel and enjoyed a beautiful view and cool drinks.

And of course cerviche.  Steve ate this breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Beautiful details at this boutique hotel.

We enjoyed seeing Cartagena's Caribbean seafront,  the  Old City, the famous market, and the restaurant that Anthony Bourdain made famous.

At the Cafe del Mar, seems to be a favorite place to watch sunset and have a drink.

Everyone comes here to the top of the walled city  to have a drink and watch the sunset.

We we so hot, tired, and hungry, we did not want to go back to hotel to change before dinner.  So, we found a restaurant that we wanted to eat.  They were very reluctant to let us in as we were not dressed for dinner.

Dinner at the Casa san Agustin is considered the best place to have dinner by some people.

They did finally let us in since we were American, but we were definitely underdressed.
 The food was amazing.

Our view at breakfast.

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