Bogota, Colombia

Steve and I took a trip to Columbia. 
We were fascinated to visit the country that has been closed for so long to the United States.  

We started our trip in Bogota.  We enjoyed delicious food.  The food is a mix of Latin America, European, Caribbean, and Indigenous flavors.  Truly fascinating and delicious.  

We spent the first day strolling around town.

One of my favorite things about Columbia, is that the hotel provide a real
 "Juan Valdez" to serve your coffee.  

After enjoying some Columbian coffee,  I was ready to set off to Mount Montserrat.  
The views were incredible.

The Basilica at Mount Montserrat is a gothic structure.  

Thought this sign, was very powerful.  

My picture and angle are not doing this structure justice.  Monks actually live at this monastery.  

Way on the other side of the mountain is a large statue of Christ.  
Next time I go, I want to hike the mountain to the statue.  

The market at Montserrat selling touristy things.  

Traffic in Bogota is pretty intense.  

Stopped by the gold museum for a little bit.  

Just driving back to my hotel was a sightseeing adventure.  

A very modern city, yet you still see horses and donkeys being used for transportation. 

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