August 2018- from my phone

August 2018

Enjoying a lunch with grandma.

Grandma telling a story.

 Rudy happy to be playing with his girlfriends.  He's even smiling.  

Stevie's welcome week group.  

 Running through the fountains is one of the traditions at Purdue.

Jumping across the tracks is another tradition done at Purdue.

 Realizing it is only the four of us for dinner.

Walking into church.

Rudy needs a bath.

Facetiming with Stevie when it is 100 degrees with no AC.  

 A photographer came over to take professional pictures of the house.  

Rudy was a part of the shoot.  We thought this was hilarious.

Chelsea getting some math help.

Spending time with Baby Quinn.

Craig sent this picture with the caption. . . 
"If you are wondering where Dad is."

 Rudy showing Grandma his blanket

and Grandma wants nothing to do with him.

Here is the junior high gang riding to school.  

Not sure what is going on in here.  

Marky is Facetiming with Stevie- telling him about making the school basketball team.

 When Uncle Jason comes into town.  

The french fry potato cutting job gets passed on to Mark.

 At Back to School Night and had to take a picture with Ms. Doracek.  Both Matt and Mark had her and they both say she is their favorite teacher.   

Street hot dogs are considered the best.

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