June 2018- From my Phone

From my phone- June 2018

Nothing like breaking your arm at the beginning of summer.  
Yes, he really did break his arm at a basketball camp.  

Dinner with Grandma

Mark reacting to seeing Grandma's 5 layer dessert.

Visit to the cemetery.

Had a military display for Memorial Day

Mark's recital

Family Frisbee golf

Pool Parties

And a BIG SHOUT OUT to CREATIVE BRIANNA, who decorated his hat for me.

Such a huge relief, and we are so gratetful to her for coming in and doing such a magnificent job.

What do we do after 5th grade graduation. . . .Spend time with my favorites!

 And yes, our youngest did play baseball this season. 

He played his heart out.

Need to show Brianna's poster for Senior Day.  Yes, he is our favorite Senior.

Kansas with the cousins

 Marky helping Aunt Kaye with her walker.

 Lunch with Grandma and Aunt Kaye

My mom seeing her favorite at Nordstrom.

I think the boys were going to the Giants game.

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