February 2018- from my phone

February 2018- from my phone

Steve on a podcast.  Look at Steve's hand as he makes his point.  haha

Stevie made this gift for Brianna for Valentine's Day.

Stevie practicing to have legible writing.

 Always exciting to get a box of beautiful flowers- thank you Steve!!!

Marky enjoying some Valentine party games.

 We took some beautiful hikes.

We even took Rudy on some of the hikes.  

 Stevie spent a week in Bend, Oregon with his friends.

Still living in the remodel.

Lunch dates with Kaye

We were having a discussion about the bachelor.  Chelsea looks like she is really intently listening to Kimberly. 

Reunion of Kindergarten Room 2.  All the girls reunited in high school for a quick picture to send to Mrs. Martincic. 

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