February 2018- from my phone

February 2018- from my phone

Steve on a podcast.  Look at Steve's hand as he makes his point.  haha

Stevie made this gift for Brianna for Valentine's Day.

Stevie practicing to have legible writing.

 Always exciting to get a box of beautiful flowers- thank you Steve!!!

Marky enjoying some Valentine party games.

 We took some beautiful hikes.

We even took Rudy on some of the hikes.  

 Stevie spent a week in Bend, Oregon with his friends.

Still living in the remodel.

Lunch dates with Kaye

We were having a discussion about the bachelor.  Chelsea looks like she is really intently listening to Kimberly. 

Reunion of Kindergarten Room 2.  All the girls reunited in high school for a quick picture to send to Mrs. Martincic. 

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Chelsea Braving The Needle.

Finally, the day has arrived. . . Chelsea wanted to get her ears pierced. 16 was the magic number that she thought she could brave a needle.  

 And she was very brave. . . 

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Saturdays are for the Boys!

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Chelsea cooking with Grandma

Chelsea spent a few times cooking with grandma.  My mom is an amazing cook  and hope Chelsea picks up that talent.  

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Marky's 11th birthday party

Last year, Marky could not even get up out of bed for his birthday, this year he invited 25 kids to celebrate his 11th birthday at the park.

Our friendly party coordinators.

Enjoying a big game of kickball.

Stevie demonstrating how to find M&Ms in whip cream.

Chelsea stopped by to join in the huge hide and seek game.

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Blue and Gold Dinner

We all joined together for the Blue & Gold Dinner to celebrate Mark moving from cub scouts to Boy Scouts.  Our last one to go through the ceremony.  

We saw Matt's name on the Eagle Scout board at this church.  Steven's is at another church where Mark will be meeting for Boy Scouts.  

All the boys waiting their turn to speak.

Mark and Jack best buds.  

Stevie got to participate in the ceremony and  officially welcome Marky to the troop. It was amazing to watch Stevie put on the Boy Scout neckerchief on Marky.  

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