November 2017- from my phone

Beth comes to town and we all gather for brunch.  

CHelsea and I meet Grandma and Aunt Kaye for weekly lunch.

Ran across this gem of a picture.  Love those chubby faces (talking about the kids).

Rudy LOVING his playdates with Mae.

Thursday minimum days are the best.  Loving our lunch dates. 

Dinner out with these lovely ladies:  Jenn, Lisa, and Molly. 

Loving this quote and Micaela.

When Tesla sends you a Tesla.  

Sixth Man Squad at its finest.

Celebrating the end of college applications.  

When Wyatt comes over and drops off some pretty cool clothes. 

Update on Casita.  Loving this guest house. 

Knobs for the casita.

Black Friday kind of morning.  

Jenny and I wishing Beth a Happy Birthday to Jenny.

Kitchen in November.  

Family Room in November. (Sadly, Christmas will not be up in full force this year). 

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