Kansas over Australia

We offered Marky trips to Australia and Europe, he turned them down.  He said, "Can we just go to Kansas to see my cousins."  So, we honored his choice for a summer trip.

Mark and I flying first class to Kansas City.

He clearly enjoyed the refreshments.

Then Uncle Sam got in line to show the boys how to jump off.  The boys were planning out their next moves.

Ummm, wasn't so sure how this was going to end.

Not sure of Uncle Sam's move here.

Street game of wiffle ball.

It was up over 100 degrees when we were there.  So, there was not too much time outside.

Just a few hours before Betty Boo arrives.  Got a call at 6 am that Kelly was having contractions.  Sadly, they stopped when I arrived.  We took a nice walk to start those contractions up again.

Bruce and I needing a nap with Wolfie.

Of course, waking up with a tennis racquet is a must.

Trying to get motivated to go somewhere.  Takes a lot of time to mobilize a group of 5 boys.

Marky teaching Brucie how to swim.

Watching sports and drinking root beer.

At the ferris wheel inside the store.

The boys really got into climbing fountains.

When Uncle Sam came home to tell his sons they have baby sister and she is Chinese. 

Looking at all the pictures of Betty Boo.

At court.

These judges are ready to give you a fair trial.  At the Baldwin City courthouse.  Fun little tour and then an unplanned game of hide and seek.

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