SAFARI- Krueger Park

When we arrived at our lodge in the afternoon, we were given a little bite to eat and then told to get ready for our first excursion.

About 8 minutes into our ride, we saw this beautiful creature.  

As we sat quietly admiring her, she sat up and her ears perked up.  Just as I finished my sentence, "I wonder what she hears," she ran at full speed up a tree right in front of us.

Not sure what she was running from or to, we turned around to see two large lionesses chasing her up the tree.  They stood guard at the bottom of the tree.  Apparently, lionesses are not chasing the leopards as prey, but for competing food sources.  

Just as the lion ran up the tree, a beautiful rainbow came out.  Completely unreal to see such a scene.

Some other fun pictures from our first day excursion. . . 

Here is the food source for the carnivores in the wild.

After the sun set in the bush, we stopped the jeep and we got out for some refreshment.

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