May 2017: from my Phone

CHelsea getting ready for Dance Spectrum.

High school dance team

After the dance spectrum dance show.

Rudy doing his morning handshake. 

Needed some strong men to come over and move furniture before the room was being torn down.  

Sara, my very special friend, at Pete's 50th birthday party.

Marky finally was able to play baseball midseason. 

We watched Craig in a play.

Putting this on a t shirt for Matt.  

Going through old boxes and found A letter from my first grade best friend, Megan Padilla.

Stevie's text to me after his AP Calculus exam.

 Irish dancing

Look at the height Chelsea gets.

Hiking with Rudy

Winning Breakfast according to Stevie.

Off to a dance.

Thinking I need this tub in my new bathroom.

 Steve speaking on the big stage.

Jake Roberts quickly getting his APES project done.  He had to write a childrens story on environmentally friendly vehiclesand read to a child.  Marky was happy to obliged- love that they are sitting in a Tesla during the storybook reading.  

Our backyard and house torn to rebel.

Rudy keeps staring out the window wondering what is happening.  

 Stevie picking me up with a mask on his face. Think this was before prom and he was trying to clear his face.  

Rudy sometimes picks up the biggest sticks along his walk and carries them home. 

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