April 2017- From My Phone

Matt taking a run with our favorite pup.

Helping out at the Starfire auction with this cute couple.

After a year with braces, Mark preparing for them to come off.

Lunch with Grandma.

Sitting through a lacrosse game in the cold and pouring rain AND Cyndi and I were there BEFORE the game even started.

Rudy inside "Rudy's Big Red House."

When you make a protein shake and don't put the lid on the blender.

A beautiful person.

Celebrating a magnificent woman.  Happy Birthday Jenn!

Rudy going from bed to bed seeing which one he likes best.

Beach Camping

Lunch with our facorite ladies.  We just go to get the popovers.

A little camping dessert.

Another day of celebrating our beautiful friend.  Happy Birthday Jenn!

Beth, the lovliest angel.

Stevie speaking at Sunrise Service

Mark in his Snoopy Christmas pajamas.  Next year, we are all wearing Snoopy pajamas.

Sorting out pictures of Chelsea.

Carving the Easter ham.

Chelsea and I trying the Unicorn frappaccino.

Starting baseball mid-season as concussion heals.

Steven's own cheering section.

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