15 Things about Chelsea we ADORE!

15 more things about Chelsea that we LOVE:

She is the cutest little dancer out there. 

Chelsea LOVES her aunts.  

Chelsea is courageous to try a new sport.  

Chelsea LOVES her cousins (especially when they are as cute as Bruce).

She loves a good adventure.

She enjoys sitting poolside and ordering food.  

Enjoys spending time and cooking with her grandma

and lunching with great Aunt.

She can play ping pong in heels.  These are life skills.

Chelsea LOVES being cozy with her cousin.

Broadway plays with her mom.

Adding color and love to other's people's lives.

Looking cute when she is freezing.  

She loves Rudy and helps to make him cozy.  

Prettiest Irish Dancer around.

Up for a good time, even when your mom is  put in charge of the Twister station at high school.

Sensitive to memories.  

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