Our Baby Turns 10

Poor Marky celebrated his birthday in bed.  His special day happen to fall at the beginning of his six weeks spent in bed in dark room because of a concussion.  Had him get up for a few minutes to take this picture.  He had to go right back to bed and eat a few bites of his cake laying down.  

10 Reasons We LOVE Marky!

1.  He connects the family.
2.  He talks a LOT.  We get the play by play of what goes on at recess.  
3.  Marky LOVES neon.  

4.  Took the challenge of his concussion and being laid up in his bed in good stride.   Except when the cousins came to visit.  He wanted to play with them and be a "normal boy."

5.    Loves to read his novels with Dad.
6.  He helps his classmates (especially Nathan).
7.  Wants his school projects and papers to be of high quality.  Usually, a few melt-downs thrown in to get it to the high quality.

8.  He Loves his BFF.

9.  Marky love church and God.  

10.  Loves any holiday!

 A week later, Marky wondered when he would get to open his presents for his birthday.  We made a mad dash to wrap presents.  Good thing Brianna was around to teach Stevie how to wrap presents.  

 Marky sat up in bed for a moment that we took the picture.  He had to open his gifts laying in his bed.  

 Sometime in February, Marky felt well enough to get a birthday cheeseburger.  We went quickly and sadly this outing was too much and he went to bed for the next three days barely waking up.  

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