November 2016: from My Phone

Received these fun pictures from Max's Farewell.
Loving all these people in these pictures.  Grateful I am related.  

After visiting the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam, I was very excited to take our family to the Anne Frank Play.  It was  a tough play to get through because there are no light moments or a happy ending.  Grateful to Anne Frank for journaling her story.  

A beach day in November

Working hard on APES project.   The assignment was to build a house that was energy efficient and solar powered.  

Stevie would be a happy boy if school had more building projects.  

Marky playing in a lacrosse tournament

After lacrosse treat
When your mom is the substitute teacher and sneaks a picture of you playing "Hot Cross Buns."

Our schools silent auction was loads of fun.

The day after Thanksgiving, means Christmas deocrations.  Our neighbor, Mr. Darby through down a challenge as to whose house could have more decorations.  These guys do good work and Our house won the Christmas Spirit for sure.  

Fieldtrip to the Tech Museum

The mural I did for the Huff auction

Neighborhood party to celebrate a special neighbor, Adam.

Lots of loving to go around

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