Amsterdam 2016

Steve and I went on a quick trip to Amsterdam.
We happened to be there the same weekend as Europride 2016.  

This was also the weekend that the new Harry Potter book came out.  Love the sign on the book store.  

Bikes, Bikes, and more Bikes. 

There were rainbow decorations everywhere and concerts/parties on every corner.

Tons of pictures by the canals.  

Vincent VanGogh Museum
I learned a lot about Vincent.  They have a wonderful added exhibit about his mental health.  Vincent VanGogh had a  growth mindset before we called it a growth mindset.

Another traditional picture.  

Who knew they would have a California Burrito shop in Amsterdam.  Steven would be happy if he traveled to Amsterdam.  

This is the walkway leading up to the VanGogh Museum.  The painting is as if it is floating.  It is  amazing.  

A little stroll down the avenue. . . 

The whole city was lit up in rainbows.

Cannibale Royale

Our restaurant of choice.  We were scrambling trying to find a restaurant at 11:00 at night.  All the restaurants close early or at least stop serving food.  

Steve's dinner.  
My dinner of choice.  

Enjoyed the beautiful canal ride.  We had great weather the entire trip.  

Loved how this building had all the same shutters.  

The Anne Frank Museum was amazing and powerful.  I would recommend the 30 minute lecture before entrance into the museum.  We learned so much and felt that we were on sacred ground as we saw where the Frank family lived.  Relearning about Anne Frank as an adult was very powerful.   I was moved by the devotion of her father, Otto.  He planned and worded so hard to save his family.  I was amazed at his ability to plan for the unthinkable.   I cried and felt deep pain that despite all of his efforts to save and protect his family, they all died and he lived.  He worked hard to have his daughter's book published.  Truly, a gift to the world. 


People were dressed in costume, drag, and at times nothing at all.  

 On Saturday, everyone lined the canal for the parade.  They amount of people that were lined up on all the bridges to watch the boats floating down the canal celebrating EUROPRIDE 2016.  It was an amazing site.  

 Steve and his lobster dinner.

 Amsterdam is a beautiful city.  

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