Junior High Graduation plus graduation festivities

This hard-working girl graduated from junior high.  She ended her junior high with a bang.  

The beginning of the end of junior high involved a trip to Disneyland with her dance team.
Chelsea and Jessica make a cute pair.  

Then we received this email from the school:

We watched this girl work hard for three years and receive the Valedictorian Award.
Grandma was there too, but we missed getting a picture with her.  

Then we had dance pictures with her beautiful costumes.  

Chelsea's last dance performance with the school dance team.

Three years on the team.

Then graduation.  Chelsea and Laynie led the entire class in.

It was literally about 110 degrees in there.  Everybody was just trying to get through. . . 

Can't forget about the graduation dance.  

The girls all prepped.  

 They stuffed themselves with pizza.  Chelsea is clearly embarrased that I am taking the picture.  

Before the girls prepped, 
 The extraordinary talented Sam Johnson worked hard on this dance.  
 Her vision was truly amazing.

What was really going on during the pictures.  

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