Suprise Picnic on The Seine

Since the month of April was full of travel for us, we surprised Chelsea early in the month with a surprise party.  Chelsea really wanted to go to Paris for her birthday, since we could not quite work out those details, we had a picnic on the Seine (Shoreline).

When school had another random minimum day, I grabbed her friends and we hid and waited for Chelsea.  Another friend had Chelsea. 
Chelsea was absolutely stunned and could not comprehend why her friends were all at the park the same time she was there.  

She quickly caught on and we walked over and enjoyed a yummy picnic Paris style.  

Truly lovely girls.  

Then they donned on some life jackets which they wore as a fashion statement.  

They had a wonderful time on the water. 

 On CHelsea's birthday, we celebrated her 14 years 

She chose Sushi for her birthday dinner.  
We had to make it quick because there were other activities to get to on a Tuesday evening.  

 Grasshopper pie was the choice for dessert.  

14 reasons We love our sweet girl.  

1.  She is really progressing on her piano.
2.  She is lovely.
3.  She made the high school dance team.
4.  She adapts well in a right handed world.
5.    She works hard at school and her school projects are very creative.
6.  She is responsible in her commitments
7.  She is caring about all people.
8.  She likes country music.
9.  She is courageous and tries new things.
10.  She LOVES Starbs.
11.  She has amazing friends and has them over often.
12. She loves to spend time with her Grandma.  
13.  She makes amazing chocolate chip cookies (thank you Aunt Kelly).
14.  She has a lot of social networking skills.  

 She really wanted clothes for her birthday (LuLu Lemon was a first choice.

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