Nevis- West Indies

After taking the kids to Palm Beach, Steve and I were home for a few days and then flew out again for the West Indies.  

We enjoyed beautiful sunsets.  Never made it up for the sunrises.  

We spent lots of time at hte beach.  We enjoyed paddle boarding and snorkeling.  

Hikes with beautiful foliage.

A wedding right outside our door. We stayed in the Clarke Building.  Felt like my father was saying "HI."

Had fun on the trampoline.  

Steve looking extra handsome.  

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Kayaking with the Alligators

We (Steve) thought it would be fun to kayak with the alligators in the Everglades.  It was a bit unnerving to say the least.  My baby was in the first kayak very front, excited as can be spotting alligators.  

I asked the guide what she does if the alligators start coming after us.  Her response was, "Oh, I have never seen that."  Hmmm, that was not very comforting.  

We were seriously so close to these beasts.  Glad I can check this off my bucket list.  

 For the record, there are spiders too.  Not sure what freaked me out more, spiders or alligators.  Of course, the spiders were only in my kayak in the front where I was seating.

This is really how I enjoyed most of the days in Florida.  

And watching the most beautiful sunrises.  

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Palm Beach- Returning to Childhood Home

For spring break this year, we took the kids to Palm Beach, Florida. Steve grew up there from age 8 to age 18.  

A beautiful place.  

I enjoyed getting up early and walking on the beach and watching the beautiful sunrise.  Best time of the day.  

We spent A great amount of time in the water.  The kids and Steve LOVED snorkeling.  

We walked through Steve's childhood home. The new owners were so kind and warm as they opened their doors to us,  

Fun to see the garage and his room where Steve spent a lot of time. 

We ate at his old high school hangouts.

Chelsea and I shopped Worth Ave.  The boys just aged along and finally left to get the car.  

Already planning our next trip back to Florida.  

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Suprise Picnic on The Seine

Since the month of April was full of travel for us, we surprised Chelsea early in the month with a surprise party.  Chelsea really wanted to go to Paris for her birthday, since we could not quite work out those details, we had a picnic on the Seine (Shoreline).

When school had another random minimum day, I grabbed her friends and we hid and waited for Chelsea.  Another friend had Chelsea. 
Chelsea was absolutely stunned and could not comprehend why her friends were all at the park the same time she was there.  

She quickly caught on and we walked over and enjoyed a yummy picnic Paris style.  

Truly lovely girls.  

Then they donned on some life jackets which they wore as a fashion statement.  

They had a wonderful time on the water. 

 On CHelsea's birthday, we celebrated her 14 years 

She chose Sushi for her birthday dinner.  
We had to make it quick because there were other activities to get to on a Tuesday evening.  

 Grasshopper pie was the choice for dessert.  

14 reasons We love our sweet girl.  

1.  She is really progressing on her piano.
2.  She is lovely.
3.  She made the high school dance team.
4.  She adapts well in a right handed world.
5.    She works hard at school and her school projects are very creative.
6.  She is responsible in her commitments
7.  She is caring about all people.
8.  She likes country music.
9.  She is courageous and tries new things.
10.  She LOVES Starbs.
11.  She has amazing friends and has them over often.
12. She loves to spend time with her Grandma.  
13.  She makes amazing chocolate chip cookies (thank you Aunt Kelly).
14.  She has a lot of social networking skills.  

 She really wanted clothes for her birthday (LuLu Lemon was a first choice.

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