January and February Catch up

Ash Wednesday
 Marky thought about what he was going to give up for Lent.  
 Most precious site seeing him pray with the pastor that he wanted to give up talking back to his parents during Lent.  
 A little afternoon out on the town at Area 151 and Baskin Robbins.  
 Actually, they were sitting on the bench, while I ran into my favorite boutique.  
 Quick bike ride in to Levi Stadium on Superbowl Sunday.  
 Building Models.  
 Sincey Marky had to sit in the main service, he brought his bible.  
 He was truly interested in reading his bible. Cutest thing ever.  
 He looked up when this singer sang, "Amazing Grace."  Brought everyone to their knees.  
 Everyone has time for a Broadway play, Wizard of Oz.  

During all the classical pieces at the recital, Chelsea did Adele.  
 Of course, we thought it was the highlight of the concert.  
 Dinner out with dear friends.  Matt is hoping they will be future in laws.  
 These cute boys got some awards at the Pinewood Derby.  

Oc course, these are the proud dads. 
 Grandma came to watch.  

 Chelsea spent an afternoon making apple turnovers.  

 Steve's new favorite snack food.  
 Can't pass up a macaroon.  

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