December Highlights

Running into Santa at a shopping center definitely puts the high in highlight.  

Telling Santa that you have been a REALLY good boy this year.  

Hot chocolate stop before a stroll down Candy Cane Lane.

We actually did a scavenger hunt.  Girls against the Boys.  

 Annual Christmas story eading by the Christmas Tree each night.  (Yes, we missed quite a few nights this year).

Eating the biggest cheesesteak sandwich is a necessity to survive finals.

Throw in ice-skating a few times.  
 One time with the boy scouts.  

Marky was a natural ice-skating.

Favorite Things Party for Chelsea and her friends.

Sugar & Plum Purveyors of Yum.

Lighting the Advent Calendar.

Singing around the piano.

Adult Favorite Things Party.

 Making fudge and other Christmas goodies.
 Christmas parade welcoming Santa with hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies.

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