Fall Catch Up 2014

This begins a year of catch up.  Exactly a year since I posted.
Thought this a great time to catch up on some of our happenings.  

This is actually FALL 2014.  

Enjoying a cupcake tour of San Francisco with these fun ladies.   Going to take Chelsea and her friends up there to do the same.  

College Day at Elementary School.  Steve went in and gave a lively presentation.  Marky could not have been happier to have his Dad in the classroom.

A year ago last summer, we remodeled our bathroom.  We have been enjoying it for the past year.  Will get pictures of our completed bathroom soon.  Glad that the project is done.

Steve rode San Francisco with Levi Leipheimer

Fun night in the City with Steve and 

Bruno Mars.

A visit with Uncle Ronnie.

Chelsea makes the best chocolate chip cookies.
She sometimes makes them the way Steve likes with whole wheat.  

Ummmm, I think a picture from some photo booth.  

A day at the Children's Museum with buddies.  

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