Kensington Palace and a Royal Sighting

After eating a traditional English breakfast, we walked through  Notting Hill to Kensington Palace.  This restaurant is covered in flowers.  Pretty amazing. 

 They had a special display of the royal dresses.  I felt that they did not have the most beautiful dresses of Diana.  

 Chelsea was chosen to be part of a reenactment of the Queen getting dressed.  
 The actors were so funny and entertaining.  
 We then went outside and played in the Princess Diana Memorial Playground.  

 As the kids were playing, I heard a helicopter in very close proximity.  
 I ran over to see what was happening.  There was a large crowd gathering.  
 Apparently, Princess Anne had just finished having tea with her mother, Queen Elizabeth, and was taking the royal helicopter to her home.
A lot of the park goers see Prince William and Kate arriving and departing from this green area.  

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