Scavenger Hunt Through the Louvre

I debated on whether or not to take the kids to the Louvre.  I know shocking, but I just think that some of the most popular art works are over rated (like the Mona Lisa). I think at some of the smaller art museums they can have a much better experience with art sans all the crowds.   The kids REALLY wanted to go and see the most popular art pieces.  So, after spending a few weeks researching and studying these art pieces, we put together a scavenger hunt through the Louvre. We got up super early one morning and beat the crowds and had a great time racing around the Louvre.  A big help was that the kids already studied these pieces and knew the history behind each piece. Made the experience a lot more meaningful.

Mona Lisa
Leonard DaVinci

Nike of Samothrace
(Winged Victory)


Coronation of Napoleon

Psych Revived by Cupid
Antonio Canova

Liberty Leading People
This piece was so much more meaningful after all the French Revoluion that they have learned. 


Venus de Milo


The Seated Scribe
(dated 2700 BC)
Raft of Medusa


Virgin on the Rocks

Wedding of Cana
Paolo Calairi

King Louis XIV
Egypt Sphinx

Head of John the Baptist



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