Family Day Trips in Paris and Tour de France

Steve took Chelsea and Steven to the Catacombs.  

Saint Chappel and the Concierge

The St. Chappel has two levels.  The lower level is where the servants and citizens could worship and the upper level is where the royals worshipped.  
Both levels were spectacular.  

Would love to do Steve's bathroom in this wallpaper.  

The Concierge is Marie Antionette's cell before she was beheaded.  

As I am retelling the story again of Marie Antionette and the French Revolution.  My sweet 14 year old said, "Mom, it seems that you are really trying to have a personal relationship with Marie Antionette."  Yes, that about summed up that day of being a tourist.  

A quick snack next to the Siene.

A little bright this day at the Arc de Triumph.

Parc Floral

In Vincennes right outside of Paris there is an amazing park.  I wish the United States could create a park like Parc Floral.  
The park was huge with so many different activities, venues, restaurants, concert venues, ponds, amazing children's parks, 

On our last night in Paris, we headed over to the Eiffel Tower to see the lights one more time.  
 At Trocadero.
 Steve took Steven and Chelsea to the sewers.  Too be honest, I had no desire to go to the sewers.

 They had a great time exploring new sights.  

 On the Beaches of Normandy.

Train was empty one night and Marky enjoyed riding at the front of the train.  
LOVED the rainbow roses.

Our daily run to the bakery for a baguette.  Apparently, Steven could not wait until he got home.

We lit candles at every church we saw.  
An amazing highlight on our last full day in Paris was seeing the final day of Tour de France.

Train ride back to London

 Had an amazing dinner of Steak and frites.
 Amazing dinner.

 Amazing desserts.

Getting along.  Waiting for the 2 hour wait for the Catacombs.  Apparently, the Tier 3 tourist site has become a Tier 1. 
 Stevie trying to score points with me.
 Full breakfast on train.

Another picture of these two riding in the middle.

 So long, beautiful Paris.  

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