Biking to Giverny: Beautiful Gardens

After spending an afternoon at the Orangerie Museum looking at Monet's beautiful Water Lily murals, we wanted to go and see his actual gardens. 
We spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon biking to Giverny.

We reached Monet's Garden.  Steven has been a great navigator through our trip.  So grateful to have a son who is such a great leader. 
The colors and flowers did not disappoint.  It was spectacular. 

Interesting to know that Monet lived long enough to finish the 8 murals but died before they were installed in the Orangerie.  I wonder if he knew that he was leaving such a legacy.

Can not get over the beauty and the amount of different shades of green within the garden.

We enjoyed trying to find the actual spots that Monet must have sat and painted to capture the setting in his murals.  As  I walked through the gardens trying to take in all the beauty, I felt a deep feeling of  gratitude towards Claude Monet and other artists that dedicate their lives developing their talents and sharing them with the world. 



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