A Valedictorian Graduation

Graduation week began with an awards ceremony where Steven received the Valedictorian award.
  We were so happy for him that he reached his goals.   

Grandpa came to enjoy the morning to celebrate Steven.

Biting down on the gold!!!

These very talented boys all excel both in academics and athletics.  

I had to hold back tears as he marched in during commencement.  

And these two boys won the "Best Husband and Wife" award.  Apparently, the teachers had tried to separate this dynamic duo but to know avail.   

Steven and Kyle closed down the school graduation night.  They were the last ones there saying their goodbyes to everyone and soaking up every last minute of their junior high experience. 

The "Husband and Wife Couple" had to find a few teachers to give their apologies for their behavior.  

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