New Zealand and Middle Earth

 A little delayed in posting, but we had an INCREDIBLE time in New Zealand.  I feel very fortunate,  Steve and I have had the amazing opportunity to travel the world the last couple of years.  
This is the night we flew from Fiji to Auckland, New Zealand.  We stayed in a hotel at the airport, since we were leaving in the morning to Queenstown, "The Adeventure Capital of the World."
For dinner, I ordered a beet salad and I was given the biggest bowl of beets.  That is it.  
No dressing, no nothing but beets.

This is the sunset in New Zealand from our hotel room.  

Amazing SUNSETS (even through our hotel room window).  

In the morning, we boarded a plane to fly to Queenstown.  Air New Zealand is very strick about no phones or cameras out when you are landing and taking off.
 I could not resist sneaking these pictures.   It was so beautiful outside the plane window as we were flying into Queenstown.  

Steve was sitting behind my in an aisle seat, so I would take the pictures and pass him the camera so he could see what we were flying over.

A photographer caught a picture of me as we were checking in at Queenstown.  

Our first night we went to  Kawarau Bridge.  

And Steve BUNGY Jumped off the bridge.

The Bungy Jumping deserves its own post along with the video.  

After his adventure, we took a nice picture firmly planted on the bridge.
The views were so beautiful!!!

The freezing water below the bridge.

Then next day we took a gondola up the mountain.  

The air was so clean and again we were taken back by the beauty of New Zealand.  

We then had an awesome day zip lining down the mountain.  

We stayed  at the Millbrook Resort in this 4 bedroom villa on the golf course. 

We were wishing we had brought the whole family.  

We enjoyed the beautiful hikes and bike rides just outside our door.

At night, we walked around the golf course and  enjoyed the sunsets and the night time sky.

We also enjoyed spotting the Southern Cross which can only be seen in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Another outing we took yet another gondola up the mountain.  

We enjoyed go-Karting down the mountain a few times.  

Steve enjoyed an afternoon of mountain biking.  Wish I was there to get more pictures but glad I got these of my fit husband and beautiful landscape behind him.  

On another day, we took a tour of Middle Earth.  You can see why filmmakers choose New Zealand as the perfect location for filming.  

The snowy glaciers, deep valleys, lush forests, different terrain, prairies and glass-like lakes and streams were breathtaking.  

Our other adventures in New Zealand. . . 

Our last night we enjoyed a beautiful Party and dancing.

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