Springtime Update

Had to put down some our highlights in the past month.  

The Tooth Fairy keeps making stops at our house.  

A little treat to give us more energy for our shopping trip.  

Fun Family Night at the Sharks game.  Thank you to our fabulous neighbors for their kind generosity.  Love that my brother and family live so close.  

Running from activity to activity is a lot more fun while eating Nachos in the car.  

Notification that the braces will be coming OFF!!!!!

Opening Game for the Giants.

Will Stevie ever learn NOT to order Nachos at the Giants Stadium?????  He gets brutally sick every time.

And this love child is always fun to have around.  He loves keeping up on the stats on the players.  

Marky keeps complaining that he sees black spots and wanted to see the eye doctor.  
He then wanted to take pictures to show Daddy how big his eyes were getting.  His FIRST Selfie!!!

Lunch out with all the kids.  A Philly Cheesesteak always pleases everyone.  

A quick after school snack on the playground for these three cute boys.  

Always nice to go over to a friend's house and jump on their beds!!
 Love when Marky packs his piano books in his backpack and then rides by himself to his lesson.  Of course, I was hiding in the car to snap this cute picture of him getting there.  

Got to visit my fabulous funny brother and his sweet family in Kansas. 

Steve got to see his amazing sister too.

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