Orange Your Glad You Are 12 Party- Picture Scavenger Hunt

Chelsea invited 12 friends over for a "Orange your Glad your 12 Birthday Party.

We started out by having breakfast to get plenty of fuel before the big adventure around town.  

Quick picture of these cute girls before we divided into two teams and were given the list below.  

“Orange” You Glad You’re 12?
The Objective:  Take photos that illustrate the following statements.  BE CREATIVE!
“New Olympic Sport!”
“That is not a good idea!”
“New Graham Mascot”
“I need one of these in my bedroom.”
“The Christmas Decoration police are on their way.”
“Duct tape to the rescue!”
“Do you think the dog is really happy about this?”
“My dream job. . . Clearly!”
“The breakfast of champions.”
“Experts are recommending this for added health benefit.”
“Surely THIS could only mean one thing. . . Harry Potter has been here.”
“This could be Chelsea’s twin sister.”
“Hi, I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs!”
“Let’s put this out for the garage sale.”
Aaaah, this would make a good pet.”
“YOLO meal.”
“Look at my sweet ride.”
“Don’t touch that.”
“Most interesting sign”
“I can’t believe we all fit in here!”
“Wow looks like your having a bad hair day”
“I look great in…”

The girls were very creative with their pictures.  Will need to post later.  

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