Update from my cell phone. . .

Capturing some of our ordinary days according to my cell phone.

Three cute boys eating snack before playing after school.  The first grade boys do NOT eat their lunch during lunch time because they just want to play.  This is a great strategy to get extra playtime, but not so great for the after school meltdown.  

At Marky's Valentine's Day class party.  

Fabulous mothers put together such great stations for the party.  

Lots of furniture shopping. . . still not done. 

Cute Kate up getting some fun tinsel in her hair.  

Cute Kate came up another weekend to watch "Princess and the Pea" play.  
She even got a picture with the princess.  

A Saturday hike. . . 

Marky as "Star of the Week."  He waited all year waiting for his name to be called.  Finally, he was called the week of his birthday.  Loved that he wrote that he wanted to be a soldier when he grows up.  I also went in and read a few stories from "George and Martha."  
They were a big hit with the kids.
Love that Marky put that he wants to be a soldier when he grows up.  

The Valentine that Marky sent to Matt.  

Record temps in California.  A 77 degree in January.  

Lunch date with Grandma.  

Getting cozy on the one rainy afternoon we have had. 

An Easter dress that Chelsea saw and exclaimed, "Oh Grandma would LOVE for me to wear this."
 Some work event.  Steve looks so handsome!!

At a Greenday Concert.  
 Marky playing basketball.  He even got a tweet from one of the referees.

An afternoon of ice-skating.  
 November leaf raking.  

We have had hardly a rainy day here in California.  At the slightest of sprinkling, Marky is the quickest to get cozy in his jammies and have hot chocolate.  

Lacrosse has started. . . 

Chelsea is becoming quite the baker.  She made the "World's Greatest Cookies,"
  and they really were the greatest.  

Seeing preschool buddies again when they randomly get put on the same team.  
 Basketball games. . .

Losing teeth. . . Hopefully, that Tooth Fairy can make it on time. 
 She seems to be extra busy and gets delayed getting to our house.  Sometimes, it takes multiple times of putting the tooth under the pillow.  

Getting ready to dance at a rally at school.  

 Matt was home for Spring Break so it was fun for him to get to see Chelsea dance 
and visit all of his old teachers.  

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