St Patrick's Day Party

Chelsea and Logan hosted another "Book Club" for neighborhood girls.  They are raising money to go on the Disneyland Tour with the school dance team.  Chelsea and Logan have been so good about planning "Book Clubs" for the neighborhood girls.  Love that these girls have found a way to not only earn money but develop great skills in party planning and childcare.

They played games together as all the cute  K-2 graders arrived.
  They then read some cute Leprechaun stories.  

They then split in two groups.  With Chelsea taking one group and going on a treasure hunt and Logan starting on a craft.  

The girls made the cutest rainbow craft.  Thank you to Tracy!!

Now, Logan is taking her groups of girls on a treasure hunt to look for the Pot of Gold.  

They followed these clues left by a Leprechaun which led them to the pot of gold.  

Since the party was on St. Patrick's Day, of course, Chelsea had to teach the girls some Irish Dance steps.  

We then prepared a "Lucky" snack.  

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